Committed to Development

Chris Gissell, Founder and Operator of Baseball Dudes
Eric Jones, Baseball Dudes Instructor Specializes in Catching & Hitting.
Zachary Varce, Baseball Dudes Instructor Specializes in Pitching.
Matt Hendryx, Baseball Dudes Instructor Specializes in Catching & Hitting.
Our PRIVATE Facility By Appointment Only
Little Lions November - July...5-6 Year Olds...Every Sunday from 12-1pm
Little Dudes November - July...7-9 Year Olds...Every Sunday from 11-12pm & 1-2pm
Little Dudes & Dudettes
Little Dudes Talking Hitting!
Instructional League August & September...It's all about teaching the game!!
We are fortunate to work with kids like this!!

Welcome to Baseball Dudes

Baseball Dudes is a family owned and operated business located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Vancouver, WA.

Our mission is to guide and mentor players, their families, coaches and our followers to a successful life on & off the field. Develop confidence. Teach the game. Instill Character traits that help lead to success and help develop as many leaders as we can along the way. As you read through our Dudes Blog articles and view our social media posts, you will see many for players but we also touch on Parenting and Coaching.

All of the content you see here at Baseball Dudes is 100% FREE. We hope you find something useful. Enjoy, spread the word and let’s use Baseball the best way we can to help our young ones prepare for a successful life.

“My purpose, MY WHY, is to provide for my family, while also doing everything I can to develop quality people through the many life lessons that Baseball provides daily.”

17 Years Professional Experience (14 as a player, 3 as a coach). MLB debut 8/22/2004 with the Colorado Rockies. Retired from professional coaching on 10/31/14 to focus on family and developing youth baseball players full time.