Chris Gissell, Founder of Baseball Dudes
Chris has 17 years of professional Baseball experience (MLB Debut in 2004), 14 years as a player and 3 as a Minor League Pitching Coach. He is now developing youth baseball players in the Vancouver/Portland area full time.
Proud Partner…Jaeger Sports
We promote the importance of arm care and utilize the Jaeger J-Bands to keep our players healthy. Click on this pic to go to their product page in the Dude Swag store.
Baseball Dudes PRIVATE Training Facility
By Appointment ONLY
Little Lions
4-6 Year Olds...Every Sunday from 12-1pm
Little Lions
Some of our Little Lions!!
Little Dudes (7-9 year olds)
Sundays 11-12pm & 1-2pm
Player Development Program
MST class...Mental Strength Training
Instructional League
August & September
HS Students
Ben Tycksen, Damon Casetta-Stubbs, Tyler Russell, Taylor Beaupre

Welcome to Baseball Dudes

Baseball Dudes is a family run business located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Vancouver, WA.

Our mission is to provide our youth with all the information and tools we have to offer that will help them achieve their dreams on the baseball field. On top of that, we have a vision of helping develop as many MENTALLY STRONG people as we can. As you read through our Dudes Blog articles, you will see many that talk about the different qualities and characteristics that we all need to be this type of person.

All of the content you see here at Baseball Dudes is 100% FREE. Enjoy, spread the word and lets make a difference.

“My purpose in life is to provide for my family the best I can, while also doing everything I can to develop quality people using Baseball as a vehicle.”

~Chris Gissell, Founder

17 Years Professional Experience. MLB debut 8/22/2004 with the Colorado Rockies. Retired from professional coaching on 10/31/14 to focus on family and developing youth baseball players full time.