Instructional League

Instructional League 2017
August & September

Registration for the 2017 Season is CLOSED. All of our rosters are FULL for this season but please feel free to fill out a registration form to be added to the waiting list and receive priority roster placement for next season. Thank You!

The one thing lacking from private/small group instruction is us getting to be “hands on” in the middle of game action. We will use these two months to be able to do just that. This is an 8 week program. For the first 3 weeks, each team will have 2 two hour workouts per week focused on the fundamentals. We will run the workouts the same way a Major League organization would schedule a spring training day. From there, the final 5 weeks, until the end of September, each group will have 2 two and a half hour workouts which will involve fundamental work followed by game play.

This will be a private league focused on instruction. In these games, pitch counts will be controlled (approx. 15-25 pitches per inning), hitters will all get equal at bats (3-4 at-bats each game) and all players will get work at most positions.

**NEW** For 2017, we will have a third OPTIONAL (no extra fee) workout each week for each group. This workout will be batting practice only and be held at our facility. Each group will have two 45 minute time slots to choose from. We will limit each of those groups to 10 players to maximize reps and instruction. Please note this is included in tuition and is no extra fee.

We are excited to be able to provide an experienced coaching staff. Our coaching staff will be made of local coaches who show a passion for developing people, who have experience in the game and who are prepared to teach the fundamentals of the game. These coaches will all be rovers and strive to be around all of the players in all of the groups over the course of the two months. I, Chris Gissell, will oversee the pitching for all teams.

**All field workouts will be held at the Hazel Dell Little League fields**

**The 2017 season will Start on Monday July 31st and conclude on Sunday September 24th. We will use the last week of September for makeup workouts.

***CLICK HERE to view and print the schedule in PDF version***

There will be 1 group for each age level with 20 players max per group.

Game Play…
For our 2017 season, we will switch up our scrimmage/game play a bit. With 20 players in each group, when we play games we will split the players into two groups, one in each dugout. As always, the players will be moved around from inning to inning and see ample time at most of the positions over the course of the 6 weeks of games.

Pitchers who are set to pitch the next inning will be on the bench the half inning before to warm up in the bullpen to prepare for their inning(s).

We will have lineups for the game ready to go before the workout starts so each player will know what they will be doing that day. We will also display the lineup outside the dugout for the parents to see where their child will be playing that day.

46/60 Field
Little League Rules
20 Spots Available for the 2017 Season

50/70 Field
Standard Big Field Rules
20 Spots Available for the 2017 Season

60/90 Field
Standard Big Field Rules
20 Spots Available for the 2017 Season

60/90 Field
Standard Big Field Rules
20 Spots Available for the 2017 Season


Coaching Staff…

Chris Gissell
Pitching Coordinator & Field Coordinator

Eric Jones
Baseball Dudes Instructor
Catching & Hitting

Zachary Varce
Baseball Dudes Instructor

Matt Hendryx
Baseball Dudes Instructor
Hitting, Catching & Fielding

Owen Frasier
Current Fort Vancouver HS Head Coach
Catching, Hitting, Baserunning & Fielding

Tom Peavey
Former Professional player and long time youth coach
Catching, Hitting, Baserunning & Fielding

Andrew Duke
Current Fort Vancouver HS JV Coach
Hitting, Baserunning & Fielding

Ty Singleton
Kingsway Christian HS Head Coach
Catching, Hitting, Baserunning & Fielding

Chris Sperry
Former University of Portland Head Coach
Catching, Hitting, Baserunning & Fielding


Extras and What to expect…
• FREE Baseball Dudes Hat & Shirt.
• Pre and Post Arm Care routines for all players utilizing J-Bands.
• Rawlings wood bats on hand for players to use in workouts and game play.
• Controlled atmosphere for pitchers.
• Workouts/Game Play will be from 2 to 2.5 hours long.
• Post season player evaluation emailed to you with some important stats, your players strengths, weaknesses and a plan.


2 Month Commitment



Common Questions…

Q: Is Baseball Dudes affiliated with a group, team or organization?
A: We are completely, 100%, independent. We are committed to helping any, and all, players looking to learn more about the game and help them build their confidence and self esteem.

Q: Which age group should our son play with?
A: Obviously, stay close to his age group, but we recommend going with the size field they plan on playing on in 2017. Please keep in mind that our 9/10 group will be playing with little league rules.

Q: Why August & September?
A: A few reasons…We choose these months to take advantage of the great weather we have here in the NW during this time and to stay away from that un-predictible October weather. Also, we want to be done before October so those participating in both our Instructional League and PDP will be able to get the 3 months of recommended rest for their arms before we start our throwing programs back up after the new year. And last, we wanted to stay away from the prolonged down period that happens between the end of many players regular seasons and the start of a post season program/league. Especially for pitchers, too long of rest and then cranking it back up too quickly can be very bad for their arm health.

Q: Will using wood bats be mandatory?
A: There will be wood bats on hand to use though it will NOT be mandatory that they use them in the games and practices though at times we may call for it. (Wood bats will be provided.)

Q: What is the $100 deposit for?
A: This is to secure your spot in the league. It will be credited toward your first month’s fee.

Q: How will pitch counts be handled?
A: We will throw bullpens twice a week for the first three weeks. Once the games start, week 4, every pitcher will throw one bullpen per week and pitch in one game per week but also may pitch in both games in a week depending on how the numbers fall. Whether they get 0 outs or 6 outs, they will be out there for 15-25 pitches per inning. Again, no matter how many outs they get, they will be out there to ensure reps and experience while monitoring their work load. At times, we may put runners on base and force different situations to make the pitchers, catcher, fielders and hitters to force mental preparation and think about what they want to happen.

They will all learn to work quick, pitch to contact, stay away from 3 ball counts to limit free bases (walks) and the importance of taking care of their arms.