Controlling The Adrenaline

20130707-125550.jpgIf you are fortunate enough to play this game for a long time, you will have many firsts. The first time you walk into a clubhouse. The first time you meet your teammates. The first time you take a swing in the cage. The first time you throw a pitch off the mound in a bullpen. These are all firsts that will get the butterfly’s going a little.

What really gets the nerves is that first at bat or that first inning of the season. Like I said, hopefully you get to experience a lot of these. The question is, how do you handle these moments? I personally got to experience many and yes the nerves are always there. There was even some nerves pitching in an alumni game that meant nothing!!

The level I am coaching at this year is where a lot of newly drafted players go to get their first taste of pro ball. All of these young men will experience nerves, and pressure, like they have never experienced before. Some thrive in these situations and some allow the nerves to take over and take them off their game. The ability to slow things down at times like this is a learned ability. Experience is the only way to learn how to “Control The Adrenaline” in these moments.

I have written before on “The Weeding Out Process” and this is another layer. I have seen some players who have this elevated level of adrenaline outing after outing and at bat after at bat. They can’t seem to get a grip on how to handle it and end up never reaching their full potential in the game.

Learn how to handle your nerves/adrenaline in this game and watch yourself thrive.

Chris Gissell (140 Posts)

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