Developing Great/Smart Players

Our mission is to present our youth with the ideas, knowledge and teach them the skills they need to be a great player and most of all a great person. The feedback we get from you is much appreciated. Please take a few minutes and read some of our reviews. If you have one you would like to add, please click the “Submit A Testimonial” tab and fill out the form. Thank you

-Baseball Dudes

Player Development Program

We are beyond blessed to have this opportunity to work with Chris and be a part of Baseball Dudes. Not just with our 14 year old son, but with our family as a whole. Chris teaches from the heart with real life experience and treats each student as if they were his own son! He leads by example with integrity, loyalty and passion for his family and the love of the game.

We believe that the Player Development Program is an extension of the core values and beliefs we hold as a family. Through Chris’s leadership and guidance, we are confident in our sons personal growth. Complete mind, body and soul.

Our family is excited to be a part of the foundation of this program. This is the beginning of a legacy that will impact not only our son, but generations to come!

Baseball really is life in so many, many ways!

Thank you to the entire Gissell family for your sacrifices and dedication to our boys!

Thank you so much. We are incredibly grateful.

-Jake & Carrie Nickel


Baseball Trainer and Mentor

My son Dylan has had the pleasure of pitching and training with Chris for the last few months. It is truely a blessing. He has not only made my 8 year old son a much better pitcher but he has made him a more confident young man. He pushed Dylan to get comfortable with throwing hard and maximizing his talent. He not only is one of the best coaches we have ever worked with but he is a great person. He puts a lot of energy into the mental game and teaching Dylan not to get frustrated or be to hard on himself. He teaches hard work, respect for the game, and dedication. He is great at putting things in perspective. Dylan can’t wait for every session and always wants to be at his best to make coach Chris proud. Not out of fear or worry but out of a high level of respect.

What an awesome coach and mentor to have for my son. We will train with Chris as long as we can and anyone who is looking for a baseball trainer and mentor should do the same

Thank you so much. We are incredibly grateful.

-Brad Osborne


Little Lions

My 5yo is playing up a level for LL this season and at his Safety Evaluation and first practice, the coaches have commented on his skills, form and athleticism. I make sure they know it’s all because of Baseball Dudes! So grateful for this unique program!


Training a MUST!

Our 16 and 13 year old were lucky enough to just finish 15 weeks of training with Chris Gissell through the Player Development Program. Our boys spent 1 1/2 hours a week with Chris working on pitching, conditioning and the mental side of the game through his well thought out workbook. Each week the boys were challenged in all areas of the game. The workbook questions were discussed between the family and provoked some great conversations. My boys have been blessed to be a student of Chris’ for the past three years and we consider this training a MUST! There are a lot of things we can do without but training with Chris is NOT one of them. Each year the boys’ tournament ball coaches seem to have more compliments about their control, command of their pitches and even their relaxed mental approach to the game. Besides being a great baseball coach Chris is a role model any parent would be proud to have their child emulate.

We are ready for the 2014 baseball season! Thank you Chris!

-Bret and Sherrie Robb


Friend and Mentor

Thanks again for all that you continue to do for D. You are a great resource, role model, friend and mentor for him. Can’t thank you enough. Life takes a community and you and your family are certainly a part of ours.

-Steve Butler



Chris, there’s really no words to express how much you have meant to Ty. Coach, Encourager, Mentor and Friend. We are so blessed that God put you in his path.

-Reggie and Beth