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Ages 9 and up

Registration for the 2018-2019 is OPEN to current families! On March 15th we will offer any remaining open spots to those on our waiting list. If you would like to be added to our waiting list for the 2018-2019 program, please fill out a registration form. Thanks You!

Being a quality player takes being consistent on the field. Players who strive for this consistency need a relentless work ethic and consistent leadership. Our Player Development Program is designed for those committed to being being the best they can be. Players enrolled in our PDP will have a schedule laid out for them the day they start. They will follow a program that will give them the consistent work they need. The program has two phases…Off-Season Program and our In-Season Maintenance Program. Below is each phase in more detail…


Off-Season Program:

November, December, January, February, March

The first two months of the Off-Season portion of the program is the part which I enjoy the most, largely in part because of how much it affects our young men and their Character. With this part of our program (November & December), your Dude will see the most mental growth. Students participate in weekly classroom sessions (held in a neighboring facility in the same complex our facility is located in) focused on various Life & Leadership skills that all successful people have. This is where the leadership qualities in your child will be discussed, developed and defined. Our weekly topics will be, and not limited to…Accountability, Attitude & Effort, Confidence, Discipline, Work Ethic, Leadership, Teamwork, Adversity, Success, Excellence, Perseverance, Grit, Selflessness, Routines, Choices, Dedication, Goals, Mental Toughness, Social Media and more.

Each year we create a new workbook which has a chapter per week. Students will also interact with our website to help them work through each weeks homework and we will finish each class with a 15-20 minute discussion on various baseball related topics. The growth we have seen with this part of the program has been awesome!

There will be 12-15 students max per class lasting approx. an hour. **Please note that I, Chris Gissell, will be heading all of the Life & Leadership classes, no matter who’s roster your Dude is on**
For the 2018-2019 program, all HS students will have their Life & Leadership class on a weekday or Sunday evening at the same place as the other classes or at our facility depending on how the schedule comes together.

We also conduct weekly “Speed & Strength Clinics” at the facility where the players will focus on learning Arm Care and getting faster and stronger. This is an optional part of the program and comes at no extra cost for the players that can fit it into their schedule. These will have 15-20 players max per clinic lasting an hour. **Please note that Eric Jones will be heading the Speed & Strength clinics**

Our schedule this year will allow for families to participate in both a Life & Leadership Class and Speed & Strength Clinic on the same night. On Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s, there will be an option to attend they L & L class at 5:00 and then walk over to our facility to participate in a clinic at 6:15. The opposite can be done too, participate in a clinic first and then walk over to participate in a L & L class. We will have booked out a 15 minute break between.

**We strongly recommend that players rest their arms for at least 3 months every year. For this part of the program, players will be resting their arms for the months of November and December (October should be off too). The main focus for this time of year will be developing their minds and character while they are playing other sports.

The Jan-March months will be all about the proper number of reps. Whether it’s Hitting, Pitching or Fielding, players and parents need to learn what is too little, too much and just right for their age.

Pitchers…A structured throwing program will condition their arms to be in top form once their season starts. They will follow a 10 week throwing program similar to the way the pros prepare their bodies and arms for the long season ahead. They will also learn the importance of Arm Care and have developed a routine for once their season starts. The goal is for them to not want to throw a baseball until they have warmed up properly with their Pre Workout Arm Care routine and get in the habit of their day not being over until they have completed their Post Workout Arm Care routine.

Hitters…Reps-Reps-Reps. The more swings a player gets while focusing on their fast twitch muscles, the better. A confident hitter is by far a more productive hitter. This program, too, will be similar to the way the pros train to prepare for battle! We will have a “Hitters Maintenance Routine” that each session will start with. This routine will help your Dude develop a more repeatable swing while at the same time learning who they are and what their swing feels like when it is right and what it feels like when they are doing something wrong.

Fielders…Individualized defense. Each position is different. There are many things to work on to perfect that position. Whether it be an outfielders footwork on fielding a ground ball and he needs to come up and throw the runner out at home. Or a second baseman who needs work to be quick on turning a double play on a ground ball to his left. Over the course of this program your Dude will learn and get in the reps it takes to be one of the best at his position.


Maintenance Program:

April, May, June, July

Being a part of this program, your player’s weekly sessions will help them eliminate those slumps or at least make them shorter. The work we will get in during these in-season sessions will act as continued education. Your Dude will learn how to handle the situations that come up every season. We will discuss what’s happening on the field, good and bad, and they will learn how these situations are handled at the highest level of this game. Being mentally tough is so important in this game. With the guidance your player will get in this program, they will develop skills that will not only make them a tougher player but will also prepare them for a successful life. Pitchers will get in their weekly bullpens, hitters will get in a BP session to work through any issues that are going on and continue their “Maintenance Routine” and fielders will continue to get in their reps to stay on point with their foot work and ball/glove transfer.



Chris Gissell
Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Speed/Agility

Eric Jones
Hitting, Catching, Fielding, Speed/Agility

Zachary Varce
Pitching, Speed/Agility

**All instructors cover the Mental Game, Routines and Arm Care**



What to Expect

• Weekly 1 Hour Sessions (Jan-March/July).
• PARTNER 2 players.
• SMALL GROUP 3-4 players (hour and fifteen to hour and a half long sessions).
• Sessions tailored to players needs.
• Pre and Post Arm Care routines for all players utilizing J-Bands.
• Video Analysis through out the program to monitor progress.
• Classroom sessions to focus on Mental Strength, Character, Leadership and Life skills.



• Each player will get a PDP hat and PDP shirt.
• ALL PDP students will receive a $50 credit to our Dude Swag online retail store.
• Each student new to the program will get a J-Band resistance band for their Arm Care routines.
• Each student new to the program will get a Rawlings SackPack.
• Each player will get a 20-30% discount on any Rawlings products they would like (all orders go through Baseball Dudes. PDP families only).



FULL PDP Options
9 Month Commitment
November – July

Private $325/Month
Partner $185/Month

Off-Season PDP ONLY Options
5 Month Commitment
November – March

Private $350/Month
Partner $205/Month

**$100 Deposit due within 2 weeks of your registration to secure your spot. Please note that half of the deposit is Non-Refundable**
This will go towards your first months tuition.

**Tuition due on the 1st session, practice or clinic of each month you committed to**
Cash/Check payable to Baseball Dudes/Chris Gissell OR Eric Jones OR Zach Varce if you are on their roster.




Space is limited. Contact Chris for more information… or call/text 360.921.4648

The Next PDP starts 10/30/2017


Q & A

Where will classes and sessions be held?

For the 2018/2019 program, the Life & Leadership classes will be held at a neighboring facility to ours. It is just a few doors down from ours. Clinics and training sessions will be held at Baseball Dudes PRIVATE training facility.

Who will my child be partnered with?

If you don’t have a friend doing the program with you, we will match you with a player of the same age and training goals.

Who will catch during the pitching sessions?

I always like for the parents to be able to listen but also sometimes might ask Dad to catch. Otherwise, we set a glove on a short tee for a target or there may be times that your instructor chooses to catch. Throwing to just the glove is great for helping the player focus on a smaller target and also helps in training them to work down in the zone.

What will the “Weekly Speed & Strength Clinics” be like?

During these clinics, the players will get their bodies ready with the J-Band Arm Care routines and get their legs warm. Then work for about 35-40 minutes on speed, agility, core strength and overall strength.

What if we can’t make a week because of family vacation, emergency, etc.?

This is a Baseball School. If you miss a week, you miss that week. We will do our best to get your player into another spot to makeup that session missed but there are no guarantees this can happen.

How many students will the Baseball Dudes Player Development Program hold?

Chris & Eric both have have approx. 60 spots available on their rosters. Zach Varce will have 10-15 spots available on his roster. Although, that is if there is 2 players per class. If a family decides to have their player be “Private” then this number will be lower.

I have two boys who want to participate in the program. Do we have to pay double tuition?

No, you will be considered a “Private” tuition paying family.

How will a 9/10 year old handle the class room work on the Mental Toughness Training?

We have found that most of the younger players do just as well as the older ones. We look for participation from everyone in sharing their answers to the questions in their Life & Leadership workbook with the group. We then discuss them and all learn from each other.

Can we participate in just the classroom and speed & strength work in November & December?

Yes, your tuition will be the $205 for each month.

Can we participate in the program but skip the November & December work?

No. The program starts in November. These two months are a major part of what this program is about. If a family is looking for strictly baseball instruction, we are here to help but families committed to the program will have priority in scheduling for the duration of the program. Any extra time available in our instructors schedules after that will be available to non PDP families.

Can we switch instructors from year to year?

Yes. As players grow and develop, strength, weaknesses and passion grow and change. Choose the instructor that best fits your needs.