Hitting The Other Way

flickr-2791835036-hdEvery big league hitter starts their day in the cage by hitting the ball the other way. One, this helps us stay back on the ball and keep our weight where we need it to be. Two, this is a skill that every good hitter needs to have. At some point, you will get up to bat and it will be your job to move the runner over by hitting the ball the other way. When you are on the tee, set it up deeper in your stance and work on staying inside the ball and driving it the other way. When doing soft toss, or front toss, have your thrower toss them away so you can get comfortable with this. Finally, the beginning of your first round of batting practice should be focused on hitting it the other way. Like I said earlier, every good hitter can do this on command, can you?

Chris Gissell (140 Posts)

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