Have a Plan

Indians Rays BaseballJust as a pitcher or hitter, a fielder needs to have a plan before every pitch. They need to know the situation: how many outs, where are the runners, what is the score, where does this guy tend to hit the ball, what is my pitcher throwing on this pitch? All of these will determine what I will do if and when the ball is hit to me. A fielder without a plan can get caught with the ball in their hand and no sense where to throw the ball. At the amateur level, this happens all too often. Parents and coaches, take the time to explain this to your players. Watch a game in person or on TV and have fun with it. Have your Dude put themselves in that situation and ask them what would they do if the ball was hit to them. A good fielder is always thinking and has a plan for when the ball is hit to them.

Chris Gissell (140 Posts)

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