Calling Pitches

IMG_5939We talk a lot about helping the players develop game awareness. This is a big.

Let me remind you that this is THEIR game. Teach them to think.

Pay attention to what the hitter is doing in the box…
– Is he far off the plate?
– Where is his stride foot going?
– Is he late or early?
– What is his pitcher doing well with and not so well with…
– Is he yanking everything off the plate?
– Is he missing arm side (3rd base side for righties and 1st base side for lefties)?
– Is he commanding his change up well?
– Is he getting his fastball in well on right hand hitters but not lefties?
– What the situation is and what we want the hitter to do…
– Is there a runner on 2B and we want the hitter to hit the ball to the left side so the runner doesn’t advance?
– Is there a runner on 3B with less than two outs and we want a strikeout?
– Is there a base open and we want to be careful with the guy in the box as we don’t want him, their best hitter, to beat us?

This is Baseball. This is developing a smart player. When coaches call every pitch, and don’t teach from what they are calling, all they are doing is creating a robot. It was always disappointing to me when we would draft a new pitcher or catcher and would find out that they have never been allowed to call their own pitches. Instantly, they were so far behind. So much to learn.

Coaches…Let loose of the reins. Let them think. Let them learn. Coach’me up!!

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